Mass Times

Saint Hedwig's moved to St. Joseph's

The Saint Hedwig's Cathedral is closed for the time being and the chapter's activities are being moved to St. Joseph's in Berlin's Wedding district (Müllerstr. 161, 13353 Berlin, Entrance: Willdenowstr.8).

Public mass under strict hygiene measures in St. Joseph's church

  • with limited attendance to 62 people. Unfortunately, once the limited number has been reached, no one else will be allowed to enter. In that case, we kindly ask you to attend one of the other services.
  • However, strict hygiene measures will be in place and must be observed by all.
  • the data of all those attending mass will be recorded to ensure that any chain of infection can be traced if required.
  • there will be no admission at the main gates - entrance only via Willdenowstr. 8.
  • admission opens 20 minutes before each service - the church will be closed after each service.
We ask you kindly to observe following rules:
  • If you feel unwell or show symptoms of a cold - please refrain from attending mass.
  • we ask that you wear a face mask (surgical-grade) at all times inside the church
  • please keep a safe distance from others - waiting outside as well as inside the church
  • please use the disinfectant offered at the entrance of the church
  • you may only choose a specially marked seat
  • during mass, refrain from any physical contact (shaking hands for sign of peace eg.)
  • there will be limited congregational singing
  • there will be no Holy Communion on the tongue

Regular Mass times

The Holy Eucharist (Mass)
Sunday8 am
10 am*
6 pm
Monday-Friday8 am
6 pm
Saturday8 am
6 pm

* 1st Sunday in the month in Latin

Please note: changes are possible. See also Zelebrationsplan (in German).


Dompropstei bei St. Hedwig 

Prälat Tobias Przytarski

Dr. Claudia Laurien-Kehnen
Referentin des Metropolitankapitels

Oldenburger Str. 46
10551 Berlin
Tel.: (030)  330 99 77-102