Destruction and Reconstruction

During World War II the Cathedral of St. Hedwig was heavlily damaged.

On 1 March 1943, St. Hedwig's Cathedral was severly dmaged by a incendiary bomb.

The cupola, initially made of wood, burned completely. The interior and crypt
also burned down. The fire that ensued virtually destroyed the interior, leavong only a shattered shell still standing.

In May 1952 the reconstruction of the cupola started. Bishop Weskamm heavily encouraged the restoration, his successor, Cardinal Döpfner,
continued his work.

Starting in 1955 the interior became reconstructed under direction of Prof. Hans Schwippert, academy of arts Düsseldorf.

The restoration of the cathedral finally was finished when Cardinal Bengsch was Bishop of Berlin. On November 1st 1963, All Saints' Day, he consecrated the new high altar.

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