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  .oooooo..o   .o88o.  oooo    oooo      .ooo    oooooooooo.  
d8P' `Y8 888 `" `888 .8P' .88' `888' `Y8b
Y88bo. o888oo 888 d8' d88' 888 888
`"Y8888o. 888 88888[ d888P"Ybo. 888oooo888'
`"Y88b 888 888`88b. Y88[ ]88 888 `88b
oo .d8P 888 888 `88b. `Y88 88P 888 .88P
8""88888P' o888o o888o o888o `88bod8' o888bood8P'

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